Monday, March 5, 2012


BTP got a facelift...Yes, another one!!!  I know, I know, I have changed the appearance of my blog several times and it's only been running for, well let's just say it's one year blogiversary is March 15, 2012.  I guess you could say I change my blog as much as I change things around at home.  Just kidding!   I don't change things at home this much, so why have I changed BTP so often?  There is a reason to the see

I just couldn't get BTP's look quite right.  I would look at all your beautiful blogs out there, their simplicity and style and everytime I logged into mine it just felt so old school, so 1990's webpage-ish.  It was nothing at all of the image I had in mind for BTP so I would change it in an attempt to be more like all the other blogs I love out there....awwww, isn't that a great sentiment? 

When BTP began, I started with a dark damask background but everything felt so heavy... I changed to something lighter...a beautiful pink and black toile, but that just didn't do it for me either... I decided I would change things up seasonally and did a fall layout....

...and then a Christmas layout....

Whew, are you tired yet?...I was.  Doin' all this changin' became a major pain in the BUM...if you know what I mean...but I couldn't leave everything looking like Christmas forever so...I changed again to something I was sure to like...wild animal print...

and I liked it, I really did like it, but it still just lacked SOMETHING, and worse, it still looked 1990 webpage-ish. Y.U.C.K....So, I headed back to "ye old drawing board" and came up with what you see today and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like it...No, that's not right, I LOVE IT!  I hope YOU like it too!  It suits me and the image I had for BTP perfectly so now I can relax (finally) and worry about doing more projects that don't have a computer screen for a face.  I can worry about taking more pictures and drafting more posts, which is what everyone wants, right?  RIGHT!!! 
So now you know the reason behind all the craziness that has gone on here at BTP for the past year.  I thought you, my readers, deserved to know.

Thanks for being so understanding!! Oh, by the way...please sign up to become a follower on my linky follower account.  Google Friend Connect will be disappearing in a few days and I would love to keep you all as my friend here at BTP.  Thanks a bunch!!!

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  1. Sheila, I'm loving your slideshow photos. I'll be back...I'm your newest Linky Followers member. Hope you visit me and follow, too. Now, I'm having blog envy!:)

  2. I like your clean look now. It's very easy to read. I'm following with Linky followers. I lost all my GFC followers last week!


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