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Good morning!  Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?

I had a fabulous time, for one because I didn't have to do much of the cooking.  I normally do pretty much all the cooking, but not this year.  This year we had dinner at my niece's house and she did most of the cooking.  Everyone else just pretty much brought a side dish.  So yes, my Thanksgiving was wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable.

That evening the Black Friday shopping began (kind of don't seem like Black Friday when it begins on Thursday now does it, lol).  I have to admit I have only been Black Friday shopping one other time and that was many years ago when my daughter was little.  I vowed then that I would never put myself through that horrific experience again...people pushing and shoving, taking the coveted items right of your hands or out of your cart.  Standing in line for HOURS...Geesh, people really take this shopping thing to extremes don't they?! LOL

This year; however, I had a little extra spending money (and a lot of nerve) and was in the mood to do a little shopping, so the hubs and I bravely headed off to Walmart.  They had some really good Black Friday specials this year and truthfully the crowds weren't that bad.  Yes, there was a HUMONGOUS crowd but surprisingly enough everyone behaved themselves.  We didn't come up against a lot of rudeness, pushiness or fighting and the check out lines weren't too bad either.

The best part is that they had enough of everything in stock that we got everything we wanted.  They had Beauty Rest white down alternative comforters for just $14.95.  I got for me... ummm, is it okay to buy yourself Christmas presents?...and I got one as a gift for someone else, whose name I won't mention because they might be reading this post.

They had queen size, 700 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheet sets on sale for $19.88, so I got a set of those too.  Yes, another present for me...okay, as to not make me out to be totally selfish and stingy, I'll just say I got these for the hubs' bed.

I also got a Better Homes and Gardens tart burner and 4 packages of fragrance for just $9.98...this was not a gift for me either...huh, huh, (clearing my throat) was for the house.  Yes that's right, the house really needed a new tart burner and some delicious fragrances.

See like I said...GREAT DEALS!!

I got a Simmons Beauty Rest gel memory foam mattress pad (say that three times fast, lol) for $29.88.  Yes, totally for me.  I know, I just can't help it.  I spoiled myself this year!!  The prices were just so good that I couldn't pass them up and these were all things that I NEEDED!!!

I can say with assurance after sleeping on this for the past few nights that it was the best deal of the year.  So comfy!!

And last, but certainly not least, my all time favorite Black Friday deal of the year was at  They were having a 75% off sale on most of their gorgeous rugs.  A big THANKS to Stacy over at South Shore Decorating Blog for the heads up.   If you are interested, they are also having a 75% off Cyber Monday sale.  Today, is the last day for this kind of savings so hurry over!  (Not a paid advertisement!)

This one was OUT OF STOCK
awwwww, shucks!!!
If you'll remember, I got a new rug for the dining room from Garden Ridge earlier this year but I still needed a new one for the living room.  Yes, I know this was another me gift....I just couldn't help it!!!  This sale at RugsUsa was the perfect opportunity to pick out a new rug for that room without breaking the bank!!! At RugsUsa the tax is already figured into their price and they offer free shipping.

The one I was wanting was out of stock (wouldn't ya know it) but I did find another one that I love just as much and that will go great with not only my existing color scheme but will also transition well when I switch over to gray early next year.

This one should be arriving at the house
in the next few days.  YAY!!!
Gorgeous, right?  I'm just so excited I can't wait for it to be delivered.

Okay, okay...don't be too hard on me, I did get some things for the kids too.  I just can't mention them here as my daughter reads my blog and I just couldn't live with myself if I spoiled all their Christmas surprises!!!  So there, I'm not totally selfish, right?

You know, I'm really liking this Black Friday thing.  I think I could get used to this.  I JUST LOVE A GOOD SALE!!!!

So, did you go Black Friday shopping?  What great deals did you find?

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