Friday, November 30, 2012


Okay, if you are a close friend of mine, you know that I have had to do a little "trading spaces" around here. Both our children's rooms were upstairs and the master bedroom was on the main floor, but there were some problems with that arrangement...

The color scheme for our daughter's new room

First of all, the bubs was scared of the dark and would not sleep in his room without the accompaniment of either myself or his father.  It didn't matter that his sister was just a few feet away, he refused to go to bed without me or daddy present.  And then, even after he fell off to sleep and we left the room, he would wake up periodically throughout the night screaming his head off until one of us came up to sleep with him.  My husband and I basically had slept apart pretty much from the time we moved into this house.   This caused a huge problem for us.

Source:  Southern Hospitality

Secondly, the upstairs bedrooms have walk-in closets and sadly the master bedroom does not (The guy who built this house must have been a real dummy!).  Therefore, there was not enough room in our closet for both the hubs clothes and my clothes.  His clothes, well... have hung in the basement for the past two years.  Yes, another huge problem.

Thirdly, the bathroom with the only shower in the house is upstairs and, let's just say, our daughter is a huge messy slob when it comes to the bathroom.  Every time we traveled upstairs to take a shower, we had to clean the bathroom first, not to mention that her room was quite a mess as well, which would irritate the fire out of me.  (That's putting it nicely).

So...things HAD.TO.CHANGE...our solution was to give the master bedroom to our daughter and the hubs and I took her room.  See, trading spaces.  We now are able to keep the upstairs bath clean, we have enough closet space for both of us and the bubs sleeps in his room ALONE with me and daddy just a few feet away.  Truly, this has been a positive change and things are working out great with one exception...

That I have to redecorate both the upstairs bath is getting an overhaul too....YAY...I LOVE REDECORATING!!!

I decided to redo the master bedroom first as to make our daughter happy since she did not want to trade rooms with us.  She decided that she wanted a gray and orange color scheme so...I have thrown in a few inspiration pics above for you to enjoy.

I have made a little progress.  This is what the room used to look like...

and now...

I painted the walls a warm gray (Gray Marble by Olympic paints mixed in Valspar Contractors Finish eggshell).  Painted the trim and window sills a nice bright white (plain ol' white by Olympic paints in semi-gloss) and have started on making some new curtains.  I have two more panels to go (though I am kind of liking the one panel at each window look).

These curtains were made using plain white twin size sheets from Wal-Mart ($4.95 ea.) and cut in half lengthwise.  I then painted stripes on them using leftover wall paint.  They are NOT perfect but this was my first try at painting fabric.  I have a lot to learn about this process, but these will do.

New bedding will arrive Christmas morning *wink* and I have orange lamps in the making as well.  There are a ton of projects left before this room will be finished but I just wanted to let you in on what's been going on around here.

I hope to be back soon with some more updates.

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