Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Is it just me or does it seem as if "fake" has taken over the world. There's an imposter for everything these days, especially when it comes to Christmas decor.  Fake pine wreaths, fake cedar garlands and most of all fake Christmas trees.  Everybody's got them and some of us have five or six of them....FAKES!  Well this year I am dreaming of real, wonderfully fragrant, Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths.

Fraser Fir Tree
Fraser Fir---people's #1 choice in Christmas trees

As I child I don't think I ever saw a fake Christmas tree...was there even such a thing as a fake Christmas tree back then?  Oh sure, folks in California had tinsel trees but, well...those were Californians.  Folks in the Midwest decorated up real pine, spruce, fir or cedar trees for Christmas and I'm positive we had a real tree every year.  Some years we purchased one from a tree lot but most times we just went out into the woods and got our was less expensive that way and we always made homemade ornaments.  Boy I miss those days.

Noble Fir

Sadly, in the 23 years that I have been married and out on my own, I can only remember having one real live Christmas tree.  It was a $4 Charlie Brown special and that was before the kids were born. Yes it's true, my kids have never known the pleasure of picking out a real tree or savoring their wonderful fragrance.  Heck, it's been so long since I myself have smelled a real tree that I'm not sure I remember just how yummy it truly is.

Fresh mixed winter greens

Well, all that is changing. This year all I want for Christmas is..."REAL". I'm canning the fake tree!!!...the fake garlands and wreaths.

There is not a single fake tree on the planet that can mimic God's handy work and that gives off that one-of-a-kind holiday aroma. I'm tired of the fake!!!...Give me the real thing, baby! This year we are going all the way....we will have a real Christmas tree, homemade fresh garlands and wreaths.

Colorado Blue Spruce
Saturday is the day and I can't wait.  Since we live in Missouri we will probably opt for a fresh cedar strait from the Ozark mountains (dad's back woods)...

Eastern Red Cedar

or perhaps we'll choose a nice little tree from Lowes...

White Pine

I vote for the cedar, they're a little prickly but they smell divine and...they're FREE! Besides, while i'm in the woods I will snag a few greens from some of the different evergreens out there for my garlands and wreaths.

A mix of fresh greens on a Christmas mantel
Sophia's Blog
I'm so ready for a simple and "real" Christmas. How about you prefer fresh or fake?


  1. I prefer fresh, but my budget prefers fake. I did buy some fresh wreaths at Home Depot last weekend for only $5 each and they smell divine. Like you said, I'd forgotten how wonderful they smell.

  2. Hubs and I got married in 2011 and the only Christmas tradition we have is that we will ALWAYS have a real tree and we will get it the day after Thanksgiving. Our first year we got our tree at good 'ol Walmart, but the past year (and this year) we got it from a farm across from our neighborhood. I love having a real tree! I love the smell of the tree when I come downstairs in the morning and I love the smell when I come inside my home from being outside. It's just great.

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