Friday, February 21, 2014


Ole', it's the weekend!! Yay.  It seems like lately I live for the weekend.  How about you?

Well, I wish I had something really important or brilliant to post about today but sadly I didn't do anything exciting this week around the house.  We have been BUSY!...(with things other than pretty house stuff).

Most of the week was spent consolidating our bills.  I know BORING!! Truthfully though, we had a lot of smaller bills that were nickle and diming us to death each month.  Fifty dollar payments here twenty-five dollar payments there...our solution...we got a small loan to pay them all off so now we have just one loan payment each month.

I feel relieved already only having to write one check each month verses 10 and the loan payment is far less than what I was actually paying per month the other way.  Anyway, not like you really wanted to know all that but what it also means is that I will have a little more cash flow for house least that is what I am hoping.

I did happen to find something (2 somethings) at a local consignment shop for the dining room this week...

Can you guess what they are?  You guessed it...Upholstered, skirted chairs. As you can tell they are used and they do have a few stains but my husband has some industrial strength/professional cleaner that should get them right out. I only paid $40.00 for the both of them which you know is excellent if you have been pricing upholstered chairs lately....THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!!

I got one more thing this week...It came in the mail...

From Susie Harris!  Remember I won her giveaway?  Well, technically I won the giveaway but the canvas is actually going to my sister, who is going through a very tough time in her life right now.  However, I couldn't just forward it on...You know I HAD to open it...I couldn't help it, it was BEGGING me...

I LOVE IT!  Plain and simple but says a lot.  I think every woman should have one of these hanging somewhere where she can see it everyday.  It is very well made and the canvas material was very soft and of good quality.  Just a little plug for Susie, she is very talented and makes and sells all kinds of quality hand painted canvases and signs.  Head over to her blog HERE and check her out.  She has a gorgeous home too!

Anyway, as promised, I rolled this sweet little canvas back up and forwarded it to my sister...

She should get it tomorrow.

In other news, I attempted to fade my bedding last weekend (though I have no pictures to prove it), and you are not going to believe this...After first washing it in hot water then soaking it in a bathtub full of hot water with a box of Rit Color Remover and 3 cups of bleach for 5 hours, it DID NOT ALL!  I couldn't believe it.  I still cannot believe it!  Not one ounce of color came out of that bedding!  I can't understand it.  I am the kind of woman who has bleach accidents, bleaching things that I never wanted bleached. Wouldn't it figure that when I actually want to bleach something on PURPOSE it doesn't work! Hmmmm, who would've thunk it!  I guess I will just have to live with the bedding like it is or find something else.  My guess is that I am on the lookout for different bedding.

Lastly, there are still no pictures of my new mercury glass lamp to show you and I still haven't posted about my dining room curtains that I mentioned WAAAAAY back in December and which I promised to give you all the details about, but I will get to all that someday.  Until then, have a fabulous weekend!

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