Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Wait, don't go back!  I know things look quite different but you ARE at Beyond the Portico....

Good afternoon everyone!  What do you think of my new look?  I decided it was time to give the old blog a little facelift.  Same old blog with a new look.  I even added a picture of myself so you can see the chunky little face behind the blog.  It REALLLLLLY goes against my grain to post self-portraits here but I know there won't be any laughing or judging as we're all friends, aren't we?

I still have a little tweaking to do but I am really liking the change so far, aren't you?  Or, if you have any suggestions that will make BTP better, easier to read and navigate, leave me a comment.  I will be sure to take all your suggestions into consideration.

Have a fabulous evening!

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  1. The new look is nice! and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! I think it's nice you added a photo of yourself to your blog so readers can see the person whose putting out such great posts!


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