Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Heck of a title for a blog post don't ya think?  Let me explain...

This is a story of a VERY frustrated little woman...

As you well know I have hated my pig pink walls since the day I originally painted them.  The color was beige buckhorn from Wal-mart and was the suggestion of a friend.  Of course it looked "great" in her house and that's why she suggested it.  Though others liked it in my house, they didn't live with it day and night and to me it at times looked garish, muddy and even dirty. Besides, the pinkish tinge was driving me crazy and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING went with it.  So finally, after getting permission from the hubs to spend more money on paint, I spent the better part of last Saturday (approx. 12 hours) getting rid of the "pig" from my living room, dining room and two small hallways.  Yes, I painted ALL that (by myself) in just ONE day (and was sick the next day with a massive headache) because I hated those pig pink walls so much.

However, I HATE the new color too.

Waaaa, waaaa, sob, sob, WAAAAAAAA!!!!

You see, I had been dreaming of a nice light gray/greige for a VERY long time and was wanting to try Revere Pewter by Ben Moore. So awhile back (way over a year ago) I got a sample of Ben Moore's Revere Pewter mixed in Valspar from Lowes, painted it on a few poster boards, hung them on the walls and looked at it day and night for what seemed like forever. I thought it was perfect BUT the hubs didn't like it.  He said "it's too green". So I nixed the idea of having Revere Pewter walls, which I had my heart set on.

Then I spotted these gorgeous rooms painted in Ben Moore's Classic Gray OC-23...

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Our Vintage House Love

and knew that it would be the perfect color for my house.  It's light, bright and airy with a hint of perfect, right?!! So I skipped the sample altogether (which is a BIG no no) because I just knew this was the one, the right one!

Well get this, the color don't look the same in my house as everyone elses...

It's all washed out at times with tinges of blue in my house! Tell me, WHY?  Is it the West facing light that's making it look that way? Is it because I had it mixed at Lowes in Valspar brand paint instead of paying ridiculously high amounts of money for the Benjamin Moore brand? Or, is it because God blessed me with this TEST of a house and is wanting to see just how FRUSTRATED I will get before I decide to burn the place down?  WHO KNOWS!

Oh how I have prayed, begged and pleaded for God to have mercy and let me get it right so I can move on....

I have NEVER had these problems before. I would paint, it would look GOOD and we would go from there. Oh, but not with this house!  My last house I had painted and decorated perfectly in less than two years and was content to just dwell but not so with this house. NOTHING looks good in this house.  I have painted these two rooms and hallways 3 times now...3 and I am FED UP with painting only to have everything look...well the best word to describe it is...NASTY.  Nonetheless, I am going to have to be happy with this and make due because the hubs has already said that we are not buying anymore paint! Period, end of story!

Not sure why he's so put out...he hasn't lifted a single paint brush to help on the painting any of these 3 times.

So what's a girl to do?  Well, I guess I am just going to have to change everything out with stuff that WILL look good with this color, if that's even possible

So, do you know anyone who wants to buy a new silvery gray sofa and loveseat (seriously I want rid of them), a red rug, two pineapple prints or any of my other stuff?  If so do tell!

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