Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello all and happy Friday!  Yes, TGIF!!

I spotted an old UGLY serving tray a few weeks ago at a thrift store for $1.00 and thought it would be perfect to use in the kitchen to corral my flour and sugar canisters.

However, it was in much need of a makeover (and a GOOD CLEANING)! Lucky for me, I had everything in my stash to do a quick, FREE revamp of this little tray.

I had a small sample container of Ben Moore's Revere Pewter and some left over chalkboard paint from my DIY chalkboard project HERE...

So I disassembled it and gave everything a good cleaning...

I then gave the frame a couple coats of Revere and the tray lining a few coats of chalkboard paint. Once everything was dry I inscribed a little message... Bon Appetit...(in white crayon so that it's more permanent) on the chalkboard and put it all back together...

Yes, that IS the same tray only BETTER!

It is now the perfect addition to my kitchen.  I have very limited counter space and this little tray allows me to easily move my canisters out of the way when needed.

Have you been working on any cute little space saving projects lately?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Ciao.

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