Friday, May 8, 2015


The porch is FINISHED y'all!  YAYYYYY!!!

I am so excited to share a little peek of it with you today. I can tell you that I still have some decorating to do so don't judge too harshly. I need to find another small side table and tweak some things but at least the porch is finally usable and COMFORTABLE!

I can also tell you that it is going to be one of those tight, small spaces that is EXTREMELY difficult to sorry for the not so great pictures. Some of the poor photography, okay a lot of it, is my amateur fault and because I was too lazy to get out the big camera with zoom lens and tripod, but most of it is because it's just such a small space. Today we are blaming it ALL on the small space, ummkay!

Anyway, we have enjoyed sitting out here every evening since I finished everything up on Tuesday.  WE LOVE IT!!!

Even the kids love it and have been using it A LOT. The bubs, my sweet boy, was even taking a nap out here the other evening when I came home from work. Awww, seeing him there made every ounce of hard work, time and money spent on this project worth it.  It's exactly why I have wanted to get this project done. I want my family to use and enjoy every space in...and out...of our home.

Like my little reading nook?  It's perfect for thumbing through magazines or reading the newspaper and has quickly turned into the hubs favorite spot too.  Should've seen that coming, ugh!  He has been spending every chance he gets there looking through his Bass Pro wish book. He wants a new boat motor. Yeah, I told him he's gonna have to wish on. Hahaha.

In terms of design I have great plans for this little porch. I want it to have a rustic luxe feel to match the changes I am making in the rest of the house. One of the main changes I hope to make this year is changing out the cushion fabric. That is if I can get to it this year. The to do list is already long and getting longer by the minute, hehe...but, if I do get around to recovering them, I think I will be using drop cloth. It's durable and inexpensive.

I am looking for some tree stumps to use for side tables (or extra seating) and I have a few DIY projects in mind too, like a nice beverage station for those hot summer days when I want some nice cold lemonade or tea. Sounds great, right?  Yeah, I can't wait, until then though I am truly ENJOYING what I have.

It's supposed to rain all weekend but I will still find time to relax on the porch. If you have a little free time stop on by and watch the rain with us from our DRY, bug free porch.  We'll make room for ya!


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  1. What a delightful spot you have to relax and enjoy the outdoors even if it does rain!!!


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