Friday, June 27, 2014


Boy is that a mouth full!

Happy Friday Ya'll!  It's been a VERY long work week in my world and I am so GLAD it's coming to a close.  It seems it should've been Friday about three days ago!  You?  Anyway, the weekend is FINALLY here and that makes me happy!

I had hoped to be able to show you a completed project today. Instead, because I have been so busy this week, I can only give you a little sneak peek at something I started on for the kitchen. I hope to finish it over the weekend.

I also have a GREAT new recipe for homemade chalk paint to share with you today.  It's made with an ingredient you probably have in your pantry...and NO it's not baking soda.  So you may want to keep reading to find out what it is.  I think you will be surprised.

Every since I painted the kitchen cabinets earlier this year, I have been wanting to make something for or do something to fill this huge blank spot over the kitchen sink...

There used to be a fruit motif decal there but I didn't like it so I painted over it.  Now though it looks so bare. I think it needs something with a little farmhouse style to go along with my farmhouse sink.

I have had just the right thing in mind for awhile and was finally able to get started on it this week. I got a scrap piece of 1/4" plywood from my father-in-law which was just the right size for the job...

In case you can't tell I am making a sign to go in that spot!

I made up some super easy, super cheap homemade chalk paint using a secret ingredient that I keep in my pantry...

It's NOT baking soda.  Can you guess what it is?...

It's cornstarch!  You might remember my homemade chalk paint using crushed chalk from my round table makeover HERE, it worked but it wasn't very smooth and it was tedious and messy crushing all that chalk. I mentioned then that I had another idea for making homemade chalk paint that I wanted to try. The thought came to me AFTER using real chalk that cornstarch would be PERFECT for making chalk paint. For one it's already in powder form and though it doesn't contain chalk, it is a thickener that becomes "chalky" after being mixed with a little water and left to dry. I have to say it makes a very smooth chalk paint, covers good and is super easy and cheap to make. I love it.

I would give you the precise recipe but I didn't measure anything. I simply put some paint in my bowl and added the cornstarch a little at a time until I had the consistency I wanted. There were a few clumps left around the edge of the bowl but the paint itself was blended until smooth...and smooth it was.  No clumps!

I painted my board and let it dry, which didn't take long.  I only did one coat because I didn't want full coverage for this project. Once the paint was dry it was time to make my design. I printed my wording using a special font off my printer and then transferred it to my board using old fashioned carbon paper.

It took some time to trace every single line seeing as how I used somewhat of a decorative font but it turned out pretty good...

Now comes the hardest part...painting in between all those little lines.  That's going to be a real booger since I don't have the steadiest of hands, but I WILL get it done!

So, have you figured out what my little sign is going to say?

Have a good weekend!

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