Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As you know, I have been working on my master bedroom a little at a time since the beginning of the year. I have been knocking out little projects here and there in an attempt to finally be able to mark that room off my project list.  Last night I had a few free minutes so I tackled yet another little project.

I have been staring at this wall of doors in my room for the past few months wondering what, if anything, I could do to that wall to make it a little less bland.

I could put some type of wall art or picture on the far left next to the bedside table but I really don't want anything there. Though some designers would disagree, it IS okay to have a small blank wall here and there. However I still felt that this wall needed something, but what?  Then it came to me...

First though, before I show you my cute, easy, peasy five minute remedy for this bland wall, read this little allegory and see if you can figure out what I decided to do...hint, it has to do with the doors...

So, did you guess that I numbered the doors?

I know it's kind of a silly, quirky little project but as I stared at those two doors day after day I would find myself muddling under my breath in the voice of a game show host saying, "Sheila, show them what's behind door #1 or...door #2.  So my logical solution to my bland wall that needed a little somethin', somethin' to liven it up was to number those two doors.

I had thought about stenciling the numbers on but didn't want anything as semi-permanent as paint...when you put 4 or more coats of paint on a door to cover the old turquoise color that used to be there, you shy away from doing anything that might cause you future work to them, if you know what I mean...

So I cut the numbers out of some contact paper I had leftover from another project. I gave them an old and faded look by rubbing on a little gray paint, measured where I wanted them to be and stuck them on.  Super easy and super quick.

I love how they look but if I ever decide I don't want them there, I can just peel them off.  No biggie!

So now are you wondering what's behind door number 1?...Well just for fun, let's see...

It's A NEW CAR!!!!  Just kidding...Door number 1 is the entrance, and that IS "ahem" a car you see out there...the Bubs' race car bed.  His room is across the hall from ours.

And now for door number 2...

It's just my little, teeny, tiny, MESSY closet...which by the way is still turquoise, and probably will be until the end of time, hehe.  I just "ain't got time for dat!"

Anyway, I think these little numbers add just the right amount of character to this wall, don't you?

Numbering things is very hot and trendy in design right now and these numbers add so much to this little room.  I love it! This room is quickly becoming my favorite room in the whole house.

Can you think of some place or something in your house that you would like to put numbers on?

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