Wednesday, June 18, 2014


A big hello this afternoon to my faithful followers...all two of you...hahaha

So today is the day that I am going to show you the results of my five day free trial of NeriumAD, the all natural age-defying serum sweeping the nation.

My friends Dawn and William Cremer provided me with the product and instructed me to take before pictures of the front and both sides of my face.  I was then instructed to apply the NeriumAD day cream every morning and the NeriumAD night cream at bedtime (after washing my face in the usual manner) for five days and then once again take pictures of the front and both sides of my face.  I was promised I would see a "noticeable difference" in my skin in just five days.

Of course I was skeptical. Though I had seen Dawn and Williams' 5 day before and after pictures and was pretty impressed with their results, I still didn't believe this stuff was that good. I mean, no product can truly promise results in as little as five days, can it? No matter how skeptical I was I decided to take the challenge and thought it would be fun to post the results here.

So are you ready to "see" my results?  Yes, I know you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation! So here goes...first though you gotta promise not to laugh...close up facial pictures are pretty humorous..

Are you as impressed as I am?  Do you notice that my "squint" crease in between my eyes is almost gone?  Notice that the puffiness on my eye lids and under my eyes is gone?

This stuff truly did just five days.  These photos were not manipulated or edited in any way. This is real life folks!

Next are the right and left side views.

I didn't see much difference in these two views but then again I really don't have any "wrinkles" or blemishes other than the occasional pimple...Again though, I do notice a reduction in the puffiness around my eyes and also in my cheeks.

I did notice a difference in the over all appearance and feel of my skin after the first day.  Really!!! It really did look and feel better than normal after one day...I'm not kidding!!!

After using this on my face for three days, I was so impressed that I tried using it on another part of my body for the remaining two days of the challenge.  UNFORTUNATELY I did not take a before picture so I do not have a comparison photo for you to see. I can only tell you the results...THEY WERE ASTOUNDING!!!

I have had some "dry skin" spots/patches on my forearms for several years.  I'm not sure if they were caused from excessive sun exposure of just a part of the aging process but I have tried a number of things to get rid of them with no success.  In just two days of using Nerium AD on my forearms the spots are almost gone. I am not making this up!  That right there was enough to sell me on this product.

I truly wanted to become a Preferred Customer or a Nerium AD Brand Partner but I chickened out. I had actually signed up to be a Preferred Customer but then backed out this morning because this stuff is EXPENSIVE and finances are really tight right now!The initial investment to become a Preferred Customer is around $360.00 and $500.00 to become a Brand Partner, which isn't bad if you have the money because...this stuff is that GOOD! Plus, once you sign on there is opportunity to receive your monthly supply of Nerium AD absolutely free along with other bonuses, if you can get three others to sign on and maintain an account under you. Seems pretty easy because this stuff sells itself.  Everyone who tries it likes it.

I did however purchase the bottles I was given to sample and I also purchased a tube of Nerium Firm, their new body contouring cream to try. I hope to do a product review on that in the next month or so, and once my finances are a little better I will probably sign up for at least the Preferred Customer level. I really do like love this stuff already!

Now my question to you is this, after reading my review would you be interested in trying NeriumAD for yourself? There is no purchase necessary to try the product free for five days. If you would like additional information about the product go to their WEBSITE to have a look around.  Especially check out the testimonial pages (with lots of before and after pictures)...and then either contact me at or Dawn and William Cremer at (573) 259-0220.

I encourage everyone who reads this post to give this stuff a try....YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!


  1. Hey sis, Your Nerium Firm is in!! We need to.sit down so I can help you get your Nerium for free!!

  2. Sounds like a great product and I'll have to look into it. Unfortunately, I have more wrinkles than I want!


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