Thursday, January 23, 2014


Happy Thursday Y'all!  Just a quick post here to share a cute little photo of our kitty, Nuisance.

Nuisance, though we rarely ever feed her table scraps, stalks the dinner table every evening waiting for a compassionate soul to spare her a tiny morsel of vittles.  Most times she is ignored but last night she was desperate to get out attention.  Shortly after we sat down to dinner she decided that she would be better noticed if she got on top of the china closet...She jumped up there and then sat down in my bread basket...

Can you see why her name is so fitting?...She is a real pest that Nuisance, but we love her soooooo much...

Problem is after doing all that work to try and get a little bite, she didn't get a single thing.  The hubs scolded her and she went and laid down.   Poor Nuisance, dad's just an ol' meanie!  I mean, who could possibly deny that cute little face?  I guess the hubs, that's who!

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