Friday, January 17, 2014


Happy weekend everyone!!!!  I am so glad it's almost QUITTING time.  You too?  However, I just couldn't leave for the weekend without leaving a little something for you.

As you all know I have several MANY projects on my to do list this year.  As you also know I started the new year off working on the master bedroom.  I got the walls painted and wellllll...that's pretty much it. Once again I have switched gears and my focus is now on the living room.  I swear it's my OCD rearing it's ugly head again LOL.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post relating to my living room (the one showing my new furniture and Winter Mantel HERE)...I have some changes in mind for this being to add some color and texture to it, among other things.  So, I put together a little Olioboard design board to kind of get my thoughts and plans for this room all in one place.  Here it is...

What do you think?

Coral/Salmon is one of my all time favorite colors and I thought it would be the perfect accent color for my living room.  Which looks like this at the moment....

I think the pillows on the design board would be perfect sofa pillows for me, don't you.  They are made with P. Kaufmann fabric "Slick" in Coral.  Not only is the color perfect but I am head over heels crazy for the lattice/trellis pattern too.  I am really getting into the bold stripes and geometric patterns that are so popular these days and would love to incorporate some into this old house of mine to kind of give it an updated feel.

The mirror is one of my favorites and would be great above the fireplace when the Wintry Mantel comes down, don't you think?  It is the Minogue Mirror from Kirklands for $129.00. I may try a DIY version of it until I can save enough pennies to buy the real thing.  We'll see!

I absolutely love the striped and cow? rugs and may have to do some kind of DIY projects to get something similar because large rugs are incredibly expensive.  We'll see about that too!

Now if I can just get this little plan of mine off the paper and into real life I will be one happy girl.  It may take a while and the trends will probably have changed before I get it complete but at least I have a plan, right? Well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. LOL

Have a great weekend!

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