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You don't have to lurch around blogland too long to discover what is trending in the design world these days. As a matter of fact, it seems as if there is a competition among bloggers to see who can be trendiest.  Who can buy the best and most of everything that's "IN" right now or to DIY  everything that is too expensive.  They are all in a trend frenzy.

The truth is...I like the newer styles and the current trends and would like to be "up-to-date" as well but the bad thing about trends is that if you follow them at all or try to keep up, you can end up spending a TON of money for things that are short lived (even on DIY projects).  Most of them are here today and gone tomorrow and most people just don't have the money it takes to keep up, including me.  Now I will say that some of the current furniture styles, fabric patterns and color ways are somewhat classic and will probably stick around for a little while so they may be worth the investment, but an "investment" they are because everything has become so ridiculously expensive.

Most bloggers are getting their trendy fare from places like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Joss and Main, Horchow and other places whose prices are WAY out of the average persons budget.  Can I be honest, I simply cannot afford to shop those places and neither can any of my for me, keeping up with the trendy blogging Jones' is impossible.  Not to mention, I live in a remote area where even the cheaper trendy stores like Homegoods, Ross and Ikea do not exist....UNTIL NOW...

I do have GREAT news today for all of us who have a small budget but want to get a little trendy.  Wal-Mart and Big Lots are now carrying some SUPER CUTE, SUPER TRENDY furniture and accessories at SUPER CHEAP prices!  Yes, you heard me right.  Now trendy is available to EVERYBODY.  No matter what your budget or where you live...(even the boonies has a Wal-Mart store).

The hubs and I snuck away for a few hours last night and perused the aisles at our nearest Big Lots and Wal-mart.  I was so excited about some of things I was seeing.

Upholstered headboards at Big Lots...on the cheap...

Linen Nailhead
headboard $249.99
Grey Upholstered
headboard $169.99
Button tufted
headboard $199.99

Although I did not snap any pictures while at the store (these are from their website HERE) I can tell you that these were top notch products.  I especially love the Linen Nailhead headboard.  It was totally gorgeous in person and less than half the price I have seen at Pottery Barn and even Joss and Main.

They also have lots of cute accent chairs, chests and console tables.  I especially liked this little cutie...

Teal Circle Mirror Chest $299.99

As you know Big Lots also carries would you like a trendy one like this...

an 8'x10' for only $89.99!  Now that is unheard of...period. You just can't find a rug that size ANYWHERE for under $100.00.  Sizes, colors and patterns vary by store...(they didn't have this one in my store or I would've snatched it up!) so you may have to go to more than one Big Lots to find exactly what you are looking for.

I also spotted a cute little shelving system there that is similar to Ikea's ever popular Expedit...

Now it is somewhat smaller than Expedit but at only $39.99 you can afford to buy more than one if you need to.  I like the smaller size because it is great for a kids room, craft room or for someone who lives in a smaller house like I do.  Not to mention it's super cute!

Wal-Mart is getting trendy too!  They have tons of cute throw pillows, poufs, ottomans and accessories in today's modern colors and patterns...

but you may not see a lot of them at your local Wal-Mart store.  Wal-Mart carries thousands of items that are NOT sold in their stores.  You have to go online to find them but they are all at great prices.  One of my favorite items (which I did see at the store) is this super cute rustic/industrial style media cabinet...

Wal-Mart $179.00
Kind of reminds you of something from Restoration Hardware doesn't it?  They have matching side tables and coffee table as well.  You can get all three pieces for $339.00.  What a bargain!

They also have some super cute sofas, loveseats and sectionals at very reasonable prices.  I really like this Vienna tan linen sofa sleeper for $229.00....(This picture is a little blurry.  To see it better check it out online HERE)...
I was pretty impressed with the quality as well.  I saw one like this only in a different color and it was pretty good.  I would definitely buy this for my daughters apartment when and if she decides to move out after she graduates.  It's great starter furniture and very much on trend.

They are also carrying lots of upholstered headboards...

Grayson Linen full/queen headboard $149.00

Once again sorry for the quality of the picture but you can check this one and others out online too.

Wal-Mart has a small Expedit type shelving unit too for $39.88...

Sorry this post is so long but I just wanted to share what I found at these two stores.  It's great (and EXCITING) to be able to find trendy things at affordable prices and at stores that everyone has access to.  I thought that some of you might appreciate this information especially if you are dying to be trendy but are on as tight a budget as I am. Now it's EASY to keep up with the blogging Jones'!  Hahaha.

Have a great day and if you get the chance check out your local Big Lots and Wal-Mart.  You never know what great deal you might find!  Ciao...

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  1. What a great post and some super cute finds! You could not be more right about blogging trends. I have run into the same issue with budget, remote area where we live, etc., and have just tried to go the opposite direction with pretty much exclusively anything old and made in USA if at all possible. If I'm going to do something trendy I want it to be really cheap. I find eBay to be a great resource for some of the trendier items too, and better deals.


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