Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Happy day everyone!!!

Whew, am I ever glad to finally have the windows, doors and baseboards in the master bedroom painted. Painting trim is sooooooo incredibly tedious so I am super duper thrilled to finally have this job DONE. It took several coats to cover all that turquoise, but now it's all nice, fresh and WHITE...YAY!!!

Did you notice I rearranged the furniture?

Previously the bed was in front of the window but that made it really difficult to paint in that area so I decided to rearrange the furniture just until the painting was done.  However, I kind of like it this way so it may stay like this, at least for a while.  The hubs is not very fond of this arrangement so we shall see but I think he'll like it once he gets used to it.

Truthfully, no matter how the furniture is arranged, I am really starting to love this room.  I love the new color (Cinder Pebble Gray by Colorplace paints) and the fresh white trim.  It's peaceful and serene now which is what a bedroom should be.

Now let's take a little look at where this room started to where it is now...

LOTS BETTER!!!!!  This just goes to prove that a little paint can make a BIG difference!

Now that I am done painting I can get the new bedding out.  I hope to do that later this week.  I will give you a bird's eye view and all the details then.  I think you will be surprised at just how little I paid for everything.

Until then, have a fabulous week!!!

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