Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey, Hey, how is everyone this fine January morning?  I can hardly believe that the first month of the year is already coming to a close.  Whew, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?   At least it does for me! I'm happy to say though that I have been getting some things accomplished.

Transforming the master bedroom was top on my bucket list for the new year and I am happy to say that things in there are progressing along.  I started off the year with painting the walls a nice fresh new color...Pebble Cinder Gray (which I love).  I then got busy painting the doors, window trim and baseboards a clean, bright white.

Today...well, last night...I made the bed...

The duvet cover and shams in the Milano design, gray colorway, are from The fabric resembles one of my favorite's...Portfolio's Latika Limestone...which runs about $30.00 a yard.  With my Overstock rewards and 10% off coupon I got the entire set for under the price of one yard of fabric...$28.00 to be exact.  I love it when I find things I want at bargain basement prices, don't you?

I had been looking for a good set of white sheets but have not found any on sale at a price I want to pay so I bought a mismatched set at one of the local resale shops for just a few dollars.  Now I know you might frown at using thrift store linens (especially bedding) but if they are washed good in hot water before you use them they should be okay.

After making the bed I thought the bedding looked a little darker than what I wanted so I was planning on using some Rit Color Remover to slightly fade it. They are 100% cotton so they should fade without problem.  However, after looking at these pictures I think it looks pretty good as is, so the fading may or may not take place.  We'll see!

Did you notice the different lampshade?  It's not actually different.  It's the same shade, only painted...yes, I painted a lampshade.  Crazy!!!, I know.  I still have one more coat to go and a whole other shade from the lamp on the other bedside table.

I knew when I bought these lamps that I would either be painting or replacing the shades.  You might ask why I even bought them if I didn't like the shades.  Here's the answer...the lamps were on clearance at Lowes for $10.00 each.  I loved the size and style of the lamp and shades I just didn't like the design on the shades, but for $10.00 I couldn't pass them up.  I figured if the paint didn't work I would just go ahead and buy some inexpensive shades...

Like I said, I have one more coat to go but I think the paint is going to work.  I hope to get the both of them done this weekend.

Let's take one more last look at how this room is shaping up...

Well, I have lots more to do...finish the lamps, find or make some throw pillows, curtains, rug, a little something for the walls, and I have some plans to change up the bed a little, but I am loving everything so far. What do you think, do you like it?  Do you have any thoughts, opinions, advise or expertise about fading the bedding or painting lamp shades?  If so, I would love to hear from you.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. Hi Shelia! You have won the "you are stronger than you think" canvas. Congrats and could you please email me your shipping info. Thanks again.


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